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Marketing Mentor--- Dan Kennedy

This was me (quite happy to be in attendance you can see!) with Dan Kennedy at an invitation-only mega workshop this February... we put so many finishing touches on various techniques I couldn't take notes fast enough (and tape recording was NOT allowed....).

One of my favorite techniques... mepic_w_kennedy07.JPG
get pics of yourself with the important people :-)...

Dan is my most important mentor....marketing and business, I never hesitated to spend 10's of thousands of dollars on any and all of his "stuff" over the years because it's real, it's generous, it works... and he's been the mentor to the likes of Craig Proctor (mega star with Re/Max and marketing mentor to the real estate brokers/agents).

When Dan did his Success Tours years ago, he sold from the stage with the likes of several US Presidents, Tony Robbins...even "The Donald" (Trump).


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