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Find more BUYERS idea

Saturday I ran an open house just for first time home buyers and presented an hour long seminar answering first time buyer questions, presenting expectations for them and making it "an exclusive open house" just for the buyer seminar.

One of my colleagues, Kristin Billings at Highland Realty & Management, had a perfect listing home to use. The home was listed around $215k-$220k, nearly vacant, the home was easy to find...the seller loved the idea of having another open house.

I put out advertising flyers the week before the "event" (see the attached marketing piece) (printed in black/white onto bright yellow paper), folded it in 3rds and tucked it into the doors of higher-end apartment dwellers near the open house.

The day of, I put out "open house" directionals signs, had Kristin provide plenty of home brochure flyers, and brought in an extra folding table and my laptop.

I got several buyer prospects from this (and a walk-in neighbor!) that were grateful to learn a little more about the process. Give the Realtor(R) the buyers after they are loan qualified and everyone is happy!

Here's the flyer I created, you can download it and adjust it for yourself here: Download file


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