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And the email that gets opened FIRST is... (How to Use Your Own Neighborhood to Create More Prospects)

My cousin Marie had her Sixty-Ninth birthday yesterday (April 4th)... (I made the cake... oh, ok, the frosting and the decoration!). marie_bday.jpg We had a quiet celebration at Marie's house with her husband Harvey, herself and I all playing dominoes and eating cake well into the night.

But before we started all the b-day festivities, Marie was showing me her new laptop and how she gets her email....and I had promised to show her how to email a digital photo she had taken... and I realized she was showing me a major marketing idea!

She was so proud to open her email and the first thing she opened was her immediate neighborhood (about 34 neighbors right around her house) "email flyer" that gave all kinds of interesting info...when the next community gathering was, who had found a rental tenant because they were going to be out of State for 6 months, who was going to watch out for the ill neighbor in such and such house...

So... what a great way to keep yourself "out there"... become the reporter, the "neighborhood watch" for just a few of your immediate neighbors, not to market yourself blatantly, but to become involved with your neighbors as a neighbor first. An email is easy and inexpensive.

Attend the next HOA meeting or just door knock a few homes right around where you live, let them know you are their neighbor and want to "go beyond the HOA", ask them what if anything they might want to change in the neighborhood...let them know you are taking it upon yourself to get the scoop and will regularly share...and get their phone numbers and EMAIL. You can always add your little "signature tag line" unobtrusively to bottom of each "neighborhood email report"!

happy hunting


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