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Reading John Adams, Freedom and Independence Day

I've been reading the massive tome about John Adams by David McCullough...the one the HBO series used...wanted to read it instead to be able to read his actual writings/letters and such.

adamsbook.JPG An appropriate day to do more reading in it!

(as well had a first time home buyer lead of mine that I found by making outbound calls to a renters list...call me back this morning and finished up his loan application over the phone and ran automated underwriting too... *accepted*...always great when that happens! This man is well on his way to more freedom in his living situation!)

Anyway with the book, I've been hugely surprised learning what really happened in 1776...that John Adams was really the visionary behind the entire Revolutionary War and the Declaration itself...and that Jefferson merely "wrote it up" after Adams did all the heavy lifting...and massively surprised to learn about Adams SALES SKILLS--- single handedly selling a *COUNTRY*, of which he didn't even speak the language!--- to fund several million dollars to the floundering/founding new little USA nation to finish up our war! wow.

So much of this *real* history is written out of our schools these days. These men had such dignity of spirit, character rich with high principles, visions/ideas and vitality they truly inspire to learn the truth. And I'm heartened with our current state of affairs that HBO would make the series and that it would be so successful...really neat.

Even more so when I realized the price most of these founding men made for their great courage...many of their families and their selves damaged, ravaged, hunted down, wealth of property stripped. I'm grateful to them for their sacrifices even as sometimes I forget my freedoms in this country when I'm wrapped up in my own "little story"...but very, very grateful.

And the cool thing about exactly on the 50th anniversary of Independence day, July 4th, 1826, Jefferson dies around noon and Adams dies around 5pm... they were done, they did a fantastic thing, held the vision...and completed their lives even at the same moment!


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