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July 3, 2008

A running tab of my EDUCATION

I decided to keep a running tab of all my course work:

So here's my list:

CE Foreclosure and Bankruptcy Class Jan. 11
CE New Contracts Jan. 22
CE Credit Restoration and Financing Mar. 14
CE Meth Labs Apr. 3
CE 2008 Annual Commission Update Course/Frascona Apr 7
40 hr CO MB: Federal Mortgage Regulations - Part I3.75 hour(s) (test) Apr
40 hr CO MB: Federal Mortgage Regulations - Part II3.75 hour(s) (test) Apr
40 hr CO MB: Colorado Legislative Process3.75 hour(s) (test) Apr
40 hr CO MB:Colorado Laws and Regulations3.75 hour(s) (test) Apr
40 hr CO MB:Colorado Real Estate Contract & Foreclosure Process3.75 hour(s) (test) Apr
40 hr CO MB:Fundamental Roles of Mortgage Lending3.75 hour(s) (test) Apr
40 hr CO MB:The Mortgage Process3.75 hour(s) (test) Apr
40 hr CO MB: Basic Mortgage Math1.0 hour(s) (test) Apr
40 hr CO MB:Mortgage Programs and Rate Sheets3.75 hour(s) (test) Apr
40 hr CO MB:Qualifying the Borrower - The Qualification Process3.75 hour(s) (test) Apr
40 hr CO MB:Completing the Mortgage Loan3.75 hour(s) (test) Apr
40 hr CO MB:Residential Lending Compliance & Professional Practices3.75 hour(s) Apr
40 hr CO MB:Mortgage Broker License Exam Prep ONLY2 hour(s) (test) Apr
Credit and Credit Counseling4/13/2008 3:25:57
Effective Borrower Pre-Qualification4/12/2008 9:26:22
FHA Basics and Loan Calculations4/13/2008 8:26:09
Good Faith Estimate and Truth-in-Lending4/12/2008 6:35:19
Industry Overview4/10/2008 1:52:35 PM
Pricing and Rate Sheets4/12/2008 4:33:09 PM
Understanding Mortgage Loan Products4/13/2008 6:08:06 PM
Uniform Residential Loan Application (1003)4/12/2008 3:21:45 PM
Using FHA for Refinances4/13/2008 9:16:25 PM
Encompass Contacts and Loan Origination learn new software May
20 hr OR MB licensing/exam Financial Strategies/AMP May
Freddie Mac Automatic Underwriting Reviewing Collateral Assets/Appraisals June 10
CE FHA and GenMarketing with Land Title June 12
Freddie Mac Automatic Underwriting Benefits of Minimum Documents June 26
Freddie Mac Automatic Underwriting Documenting Income and Employment June 24
Lender webinar 203k/203k Streamline Overview and Filling out the HUD-92900-WS Maximum Mortgage Worksheet July 2
Freddie Mac Automatic Underwriting Home Possible Mortgages July 15.
Commercial Property Small Balance Commercial Loans and Lines of Credit July25

July 4, 2008

Reading John Adams, Freedom and Independence Day

I've been reading the massive tome about John Adams by David McCullough...the one the HBO series used...wanted to read it instead to be able to read his actual writings/letters and such.

adamsbook.JPG An appropriate day to do more reading in it!

(as well had a first time home buyer lead of mine that I found by making outbound calls to a renters me back this morning and finished up his loan application over the phone and ran automated underwriting too... *accepted*...always great when that happens! This man is well on his way to more freedom in his living situation!)

Anyway with the book, I've been hugely surprised learning what really happened in 1776...that John Adams was really the visionary behind the entire Revolutionary War and the Declaration itself...and that Jefferson merely "wrote it up" after Adams did all the heavy lifting...and massively surprised to learn about Adams SALES SKILLS--- single handedly selling a *COUNTRY*, of which he didn't even speak the language!--- to fund several million dollars to the floundering/founding new little USA nation to finish up our war! wow.

So much of this *real* history is written out of our schools these days. These men had such dignity of spirit, character rich with high principles, visions/ideas and vitality they truly inspire to learn the truth. And I'm heartened with our current state of affairs that HBO would make the series and that it would be so successful...really neat.

Even more so when I realized the price most of these founding men made for their great courage...many of their families and their selves damaged, ravaged, hunted down, wealth of property stripped. I'm grateful to them for their sacrifices even as sometimes I forget my freedoms in this country when I'm wrapped up in my own "little story"...but very, very grateful.

And the cool thing about exactly on the 50th anniversary of Independence day, July 4th, 1826, Jefferson dies around noon and Adams dies around 5pm... they were done, they did a fantastic thing, held the vision...and completed their lives even at the same moment!

July 5, 2008

And the email that gets opened FIRST is... (How to Use Your Own Neighborhood to Create More Prospects)

My cousin Marie had her Sixty-Ninth birthday yesterday (April 4th)... (I made the cake... oh, ok, the frosting and the decoration!). marie_bday.jpg We had a quiet celebration at Marie's house with her husband Harvey, herself and I all playing dominoes and eating cake well into the night.

But before we started all the b-day festivities, Marie was showing me her new laptop and how she gets her email....and I had promised to show her how to email a digital photo she had taken... and I realized she was showing me a major marketing idea!

She was so proud to open her email and the first thing she opened was her immediate neighborhood (about 34 neighbors right around her house) "email flyer" that gave all kinds of interesting info...when the next community gathering was, who had found a rental tenant because they were going to be out of State for 6 months, who was going to watch out for the ill neighbor in such and such house...

So... what a great way to keep yourself "out there"... become the reporter, the "neighborhood watch" for just a few of your immediate neighbors, not to market yourself blatantly, but to become involved with your neighbors as a neighbor first. An email is easy and inexpensive.

Attend the next HOA meeting or just door knock a few homes right around where you live, let them know you are their neighbor and want to "go beyond the HOA", ask them what if anything they might want to change in the neighborhood...let them know you are taking it upon yourself to get the scoop and will regularly share...and get their phone numbers and EMAIL. You can always add your little "signature tag line" unobtrusively to bottom of each "neighborhood email report"!

happy hunting

July 6, 2008

Skiing Loveland and Estes with my Nephews

One of my sisters (I have 7 sisters and 4 brothers...) came to visit for a few days with her two teenage sons for the ski season... (March 3rd) we had to do Loveland of course...I'm not a downhill person...snowshoes and cross will do me just fine

Alex, Julie and Sam juliesamalexski.jpg

But I couldn't resist the mountain anyway. In another time I would have gladly camped out on the mountain side, but now I couldn't even find the proper pair of boots to join them so I wore an old pair of horse riding boots and climbed up the side of Loveland with my sister while she was taking photos of the boys... and

Don't *ever* use those boots for anything but riding...needless to say I had a joy-ride down the mountain in the ski patrol sled.... since the boots couldn't get a grip!

eileensamalexski.jpg Alex, Sam and Eileen

July 7, 2008

Baby sister's wedding

number 11 of the 12 of us siblings.... in a classic and classy move, Rachel Carda, RN married James David Andrews, MD (David) in Chicago...

completely elegant and wonderfully loving... rachelwed.jpg

June 6, 2013

Eileen's PROFILE


Over 20 years in the real estate industry

Colorado Licensed Mortgage Loan Originator with Plum Creek Funding
CO License # LMB100024439, NMLS # 867261
Colorado Licensed Real Estate Broker, Broker/Owner of EMC Realty
Ethics credentials
FHA and VA experience
REO/Foreclosure Certified
Short Sale Certified
Listing Credentials Graduate
Credit repair experience
Dozens of Continuing Education Classes

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