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February 26, 2007

Marketing Mentor--- Dan Kennedy

This was me (quite happy to be in attendance you can see!) with Dan Kennedy at an invitation-only mega workshop this February... we put so many finishing touches on various techniques I couldn't take notes fast enough (and tape recording was NOT allowed....).

One of my favorite techniques... mepic_w_kennedy07.JPG
get pics of yourself with the important people :-)...

Dan is my most important and business, I never hesitated to spend 10's of thousands of dollars on any and all of his "stuff" over the years because it's real, it's generous, it works... and he's been the mentor to the likes of Craig Proctor (mega star with Re/Max and marketing mentor to the real estate brokers/agents).

When Dan did his Success Tours years ago, he sold from the stage with the likes of several US Presidents, Tony Robbins...even "The Donald" (Trump).

June 10, 2008

Find more BUYERS idea

Saturday I ran an open house just for first time home buyers and presented an hour long seminar answering first time buyer questions, presenting expectations for them and making it "an exclusive open house" just for the buyer seminar.

One of my colleagues, Kristin Billings at Highland Realty & Management, had a perfect listing home to use. The home was listed around $215k-$220k, nearly vacant, the home was easy to find...the seller loved the idea of having another open house.

I put out advertising flyers the week before the "event" (see the attached marketing piece) (printed in black/white onto bright yellow paper), folded it in 3rds and tucked it into the doors of higher-end apartment dwellers near the open house.

The day of, I put out "open house" directionals signs, had Kristin provide plenty of home brochure flyers, and brought in an extra folding table and my laptop.

I got several buyer prospects from this (and a walk-in neighbor!) that were grateful to learn a little more about the process. Give the Realtor(R) the buyers after they are loan qualified and everyone is happy!

Here's the flyer I created, you can download it and adjust it for yourself here: Download file

July 3, 2008

Alex Abeyta is definitely Linked In

I caught up with Alex yesterday at his office over a couple cups of a dying breed--- Starbucks (heard they will soon be closing over 600 stores nationwide...)


Between handling a personal plumbing emergency at his home and welcoming a new potential buyer we talked about his best way to find clients:-- "people in this industry have got to get up to speed with technology...being on LinkedIn, Facebook, Igoogle, Plaxo, Craigslist etc is a must"... and his favorite:-- "hand-to-hand networking-- relationships are key" (he belongs to the Broomfield Chamber as their Ambassador).

And many thanks from *my* perspective as a Mortgage Broker-- when interviewing a new buyer--- he had the buyer bring in copies of his tax returns to look at before any further discussion.. like that man!

July 5, 2008

And the email that gets opened FIRST is... (How to Use Your Own Neighborhood to Create More Prospects)

My cousin Marie had her Sixty-Ninth birthday yesterday (April 4th)... (I made the cake... oh, ok, the frosting and the decoration!). marie_bday.jpg We had a quiet celebration at Marie's house with her husband Harvey, herself and I all playing dominoes and eating cake well into the night.

But before we started all the b-day festivities, Marie was showing me her new laptop and how she gets her email....and I had promised to show her how to email a digital photo she had taken... and I realized she was showing me a major marketing idea!

She was so proud to open her email and the first thing she opened was her immediate neighborhood (about 34 neighbors right around her house) "email flyer" that gave all kinds of interesting info...when the next community gathering was, who had found a rental tenant because they were going to be out of State for 6 months, who was going to watch out for the ill neighbor in such and such house...

So... what a great way to keep yourself "out there"... become the reporter, the "neighborhood watch" for just a few of your immediate neighbors, not to market yourself blatantly, but to become involved with your neighbors as a neighbor first. An email is easy and inexpensive.

Attend the next HOA meeting or just door knock a few homes right around where you live, let them know you are their neighbor and want to "go beyond the HOA", ask them what if anything they might want to change in the neighborhood...let them know you are taking it upon yourself to get the scoop and will regularly share...and get their phone numbers and EMAIL. You can always add your little "signature tag line" unobtrusively to bottom of each "neighborhood email report"!

happy hunting

July 8, 2008

Miranda Brands Marketing Tip for the Day...

I met up with Miranda Brands of Keller Williams Preferred Realty yesterday...and her very new (3 months old!) little daughter, mirandabrands_mckinley_adj.JPG McKinley.

By all accounts, McKinley is well on her way to a solid real estate she watched Miranda and I for a good hour.... totally enchanted (and totally enchanting!) as we discussed the real estate business and shared some great marketing tips for getting new business.

Miranda's tip for the day: She and her sister regularly send postcards to their immediate neighbors in the community where they live...NOT TO PRESENT REAL ESTATE BIZ or PROMOTION... but to help DRAW HER OWN COMMUNITY TOGETHER with COMMON GOALS and NEEDS for their shared home environment. The postcards share that the sisters "live here too" and care about what's going on in the neighborhood.

This is a fabulous idea since as the neighbors begin to "know" Miranda and her sister as their neighbors first, they will pop up 1st in their neighbors' minds too as someone they can be comfortable with when they look for a Realtor.

Thanks for sharing!

July 10, 2008

Melisa Billman has a LAND LISTING

Speaking of marketing tips, networking "hand-to-hand" as Alex Abeyta likes to call it, can be one of the wealthiest sources of new business.

The NMDRA (North Metro Denver REALTOR Association) Thursday morning marketing meetings (8:30 am every Thursday morning) attests to that as each meeting has several reports of "successes" being passed back and forth.

I met Melisa this morning...melisa_billman.jpg
Melisa Billman
Keller Williams Preferred Realty
9191 Sheridan Blvd
Westminster CO 80031

...she brought her 8 year old son (training him in business connections and real estate already...good for you!) and has this LAND available. In fact, (and here's another TIP from the meeting, thinking around the box as it were) another Realtor(R) spoke up about contacting the City of Westminster to see if they would have an interest in purchasing this land for their historic landmarks projects.






Area Name: N SUBN WEST
Lot Size: 9249 SQ FT


Elementary School: FLYNN
High School: RANUM
Middle School: SHAW HEIGHTS
School District: ADAMS


Listing Price: $68,000
Annual Taxes: $257

If anyone knows of a BUYER looking to build, contact Melisa above.

July 11, 2008

Leann Boatright working diligently for her buyers...

Leann Boatright, Boatright & Assoc - Metro Brokers North up on Huron Street...and I had a spirited meeting yesterday to review some of her marketing ideas and to catch up on leann_boatright_emc.JPG FHA changes (constant it seems these days!)....particularly the 203k.

Leann, watching out for the well being of her clients, brought up some current issues they have run up of her buyers that recently found a fix-up home they liked but were turned down by another lender because it was missing "essential ingredients".... so I gave Leann a few scenarios suggestions she might try with her Contract to Buy/Sell and contingencies... as well as with the 203k that could work for another home that Leann will find for this client.

... (and sorry folks...I finished that lender class recently on the 203k and have been meaning to get some of those guidelines up here on the blog...time is the issue...but I'll get to that soon...)

Leann's marketing tips include using her favorites.... the tried & true Broncos mailings to keep in touch with her current clients and also mailing the "Sold Cards" that are sent out to neighbors around a home that recently sold in order to introduce herself and to keep her info in front of others that are thinking of selling or buying a home.

I shared Alex Abeyta's and Miranda Brand's recent marketing ideas with Leann too...keep the creativity flowing folks!

July 15, 2008

Sherry Blake says: Keeping the flyer-box FULL is everything!

Met with Prudential Realtor(R) Sherry Blake yesterday sherry_blake.jpg at a favorite Starbucks (where else!) hangout up at 136th and reviewed a myriad of HUD questions as well as requests for prospect document verifications upfront (can do!).

She's pretty smart to ask for those....

Keep in mind that depending on when a house is found for the buyer, some updated docs could be requested from the buyer after a CBS is signed and also the loan rate might or might not be locked upfront requiring a new Good Faith Estimate to the borrower.

Sherry's marketing tip was to keep her flyer boxes at the signs full. She's been astonished at how many calls she gets off those and puts at least 20 flyers a week in all of them.

If flyers run out....the prospect calls the floor off the sign....

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